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BSP Law's Inaugural Houston Charity Event Benefitting CYCLE

Who We Are:

BSP Law believes in giving back. Meaningful ongoing contributions to our communities are a distinguishing BSP Law value and part of the firm’s character since its founding.

BSP Law Houston is excited to partner with CYCLE for our inaugural charitable event. All proceeds from the event will go towards putting students in the Greater Houston area on the path to success and empowering them to reach their full potential in school and life.

More About CYCLE

CYCLE is a children’s charity dedicated to improving 2nd Grade literacy at Title One schools in the Greater Houston area.

CYCLE envisions every student in the Greater Houston area achieving grade-level reading or above by the end of 3rd grade, putting them on the path to success and empowering them to reach their full potential in school and life. Young students are given the opportunity to earn a bicycle and helmet for achieving their goals, and in return, they learn that hard work equals reward. CYCLE believes that learning this lesson can put school children on the path to a brighter future. Only 37% of HISD third-graders hit Texas reading standards in 2013. Statistics like this are not uncommon throughout Greater Houston, but they are working hard to change these figures one bike at a time. With their bicycle programs, they encourage children to be active physically and mentally, empowering them to improve their literacy and possibly break the cycle of poverty. CYCLE clearly focuses on children, education, and literacy and resonates with the communities in need and those who serve them. To date, 150,000 bicycles have been awarded to deserving students throughout the Greater Houston community.

Help us reach our goal of 

Dollars for CYCLE
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