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Fact Investigations

At BSP, we undertake a coordinated team approach to fact investigations. The goal of each investigation is not only to gather facts but also to understand precisely how they relate to the legal issues at hand. Our fact investigation team works closely with our lawyers and legal assistants to achieve this goal. Further, we find that having a thorough investigation as an integral part of the case preparation provides us with a significant advantage during trial and settlement negotiations. All aspects of case-related incidents and parties are looked at in a “No Stone Left Unturned” approach to arm our attorneys with the most accurate and thorough information available, and to minimize the risk of surprise.

Strategies for Success

  • Coordination of Nationwide Fact Investigation Program
  • Nationwide Rapid Incident Response Program
  • Nationwide EDR Data Retrieval Program
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Investigative Expert Database
  • Child Safety

Attorneys Focusing On This Area

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